Okay, so maybe we're a little over summer...

This week marks the start of the window to start your cold crops and the close of the window to get in one more summer cover crop before the last frost for Zone 7.

We love using low tunnels to protect our delicate, little seedlings and plugs from the sun, bugs, and (eventually) light frost.  A little pvc and AgriBon floating row covers and we're set for the season.  There are pros and cons to the method, but luckily with brassicas and many cold weather crops, as long as you set it up properly and keep an eye on it, you can let Mother Nature do her thing and take off the row covers only when necessary.  Mother Earth News has some wonderful articles on the subject.

Tip of the season... an auger and these clips make it so much easier...but, if we had to chose one...it's the auger.  Attach it to a drill, make your holes for the pvc, bend to shape and just pop them in.  Tie down with camping stakes.

The best thing about farming is there are hundreds of ways to do things, how do you create your low tunnels?

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